Avande Select: Technology made simple

In an increasingly competitive market, how do developers, architects and designers include features that will make their properties stand out and give them an edge? One increasingly popular area is delivering easy to use and effective smart home systems and exciting audio-visual experiences woven into the fabric of any new...

Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Avande acts as the go to technology expert for many of London’s most prestigious developments. Being one of the most desirable cities to live in on the planet, London’s developers demand the very best when designing their homes in every aspect of the build.  

MoreSpace Partners With Avande To Offer More Smart Home Opportunities

There are many ways that Avande looks to offer the advantages of smart home and high-end audio-visual experiences and one of the best is to build partnerships with other trades with the same high-standards as ourselves.One such partnership exists between Avande and high-quality building and conversion firm, MoreSpace.