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By having the expertise for everything from design, electrical, lighting AV, mechanical and security Avande Connect have a 360 degrees view of the systems we install, and as importantly, the systems we integrate into. Avande Connect have fine tuned our installation process and knowledge after delivering anything from super prime residential, large apartment blocks to a home security system Avande Connect have handed the projects over to the highest standard. 
We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction that comes from attention to detail when designing, commissioning and installing our products and systems.
The infrastructure is the backbone of any installation, all the Avande Connect Connect engineers are experts in their fields and we make sure the installation and presentation of the cables are correct. We also specialise in wireless systems, there are no cables but the planning of the communication process between the devices takes just as much expertise.
Avande Connect has a structured installation and QA process, we believe documentation is essential and have a next to none recording and monitoring process.  We are used to working to strict deadlines and thrive from the pressure of a tight deadline for a project.  We work as an efficient crew, this discipline echoes through the pride we take in the presentation of our work.

Off-site is faster than on…The Avande Connect operations team are experts in efficiency, we have had many years and projects to practice! We pre-build and wire much of the panels and equipment off-site, this means the technical configuration and wiring can be done in a clean workshop environment which gives speed, increased accuracy and efficiency. When the second fix is ready, we are ready.

Test, Commission and Programming

Avande Connect provide seamless integration between heating, lighting, security, access control, audio visual and intelligent smart home systems. By taking care of everything from the design, installation and commissioning, Avande Connect remove all possible integration issues.
At each handover stage we have a strict and co-ordinated testing and sign-off procedure.  We make sure all cables are verified before areas are handed to other trades. Avande Connect look at the project as a whole, not drawing the line at just our works, which can only be efficient if all elements and trades   communicate and cooperate. Testing and verification is essential to save delays for other trades and the project.
With all the planning and hard work put into the design and installation, Avande Connect make sure expectations are further exceeded with the final stages of the project.  Again planning and communication are key and we finalise the functionality at the early stages of the project.  The details are very important to us because small details not covered could result in an element missed, and an unhappy client.  Everything has to be covered and agreed with the client well before the programming stage, this means time is utilised for the system programmers and there is no making it up as we go along, all aspects of the integration are clear to all and our clients are always more than happy.  Avande Connect have unique control documentation, detailing the functionality and all the integration through to the end user operation.