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The Height of LUXORliving with Avande

Ashley Said-Kirton

Using the LUXORliving platform from manufacturer Theben, Avande engineers can deliver 21st century automation and smart homes at extremely competitive price points for new build developments. Often the outlay can be cost neutral when compared to a standard electrical installation! Find out how….

LUXORliving is an intuitive smart home system that creates comfortable, controllable and welcoming homes. Placing easy and efficient control at the command of the homeowner, LUXORliving controls the most vital aspect of a dwelling, whilst offering a clear upgrade path to other functionalities too. 

Looking at the advantages of partnering with Avande and using the Theben LUXORliving range of products for the developer, the benefits are many. The LUXORliving family can be included as part of the base build infrastructure for a large or small development, offering an extra selling point to potential buyers and creating an edge in the market. Using the system, homeowners can control all the most important aspect of a home switching lights on and off, choosing dimming sequences and different lighting scenarios, regulating the heating and controlling automated blinds. LUXORliving is controlled via the convenient and attractive wall mounted iON tactile room controllers with built in sensors and via the maker’s app which can be downloaded to any smart device. The system can also be expanded to include more functionality should that be required.

The benefits to developers do not end there, the structure of the system and its ease of install also means lower costs during first fix as the control points and switches do not need to have standard electrical wiring run to them. Due to this they also do not need to be included in electrical testing during the building phase. Instead, all the parts of the system communicate over a simple data carrying ‘bus cable’ structure keeping costs low, but functionality and efficiency high. The bus cable system is flexible and easy to plan, execute and repeat for increased efficiency, a vital aspect and advantage, especially across larger projects. The Theben LUXORliving platform is also very fast to install, again reducing costs.


Future ready smart home

The system can deliver smart home functionality for a variety of projects


The wall controllers also contain heat and motion sensors further reducing costs and removing the need for unnecessary in-room sensors, processors or thermostats. The amount of Theben wall controllers needed can also be controlled as any light can be switched from any controller in the home, further reducing costs, making any installation super-efficient and also more attractive cutting down on unneeded wall clutter and switches. Despite offering all this intelligent control, LUXORliving wall controllers are very competitively priced, even when compared to standard rotary wall dimmers.

Moving to the second fix phase and the system delivers lower cost there as well as all the necessary terminations for the Theben control keypads can be done during first fix, with the actual control switches being plugged in at second fix reducing time on site at this most crucial stage when time is often at its tightest. Other advantages, this time of a more technical nature, include the fact that Theben dimming modules are designed specifically for LED lighting fittings. They deliver flicker free dimming and can handle the very high inrush currents that LED switching produces.

The very final stages of commissioning the system are also made easy via LUXORplug, the simple Windows based software used to programme the system and get it ready for use. The system is also very easy to use for the homeowner. As well using the attractive range of wall-controllers to control the home and access pre-programmed scenes, the LUXORplay app provides total control over the home from any Android or iOS smart device.

The LUXORliving iON controllers with their built-in sensors are flexible and offer the vital good looks needed for any product of this type. Colour LEDs signal the status of each sensor, allowing the user to see what is happening with different aspects of the system. The brightness of the status LEDs adapts to the level of ambient light in the room, adjusting up or down to set the right mood.

The range offers several different options including the LUXORliving iON2, which is a single sensor with two operating points. Working together with heating actuator technology, the sensor helps to regulate room temperature and can also control the switching and dimming of lights, blinds and activate pre-programmed scenes.

Its cousin, the LUXORliving iON4 is a double tactile sensor with four operating points. Also, able to help regulate room temperature, this controller works in a similar way to the iON2 but adds extra functionality such as being able to adjust the colour of LEDs.

The most advanced controller in the range, the LUXORliving iON8 can offer a total of 10 functions selected via a library of icons. 

Each icon can be supplemented with individual function names and the status of that aspect of the system. The brightness of the

LCD display adjusts itself as required based on the surrounding environment making the controller easy to use throughout the day.

Delivering all these installation and technical advantages, makes good on the promise to offer neutral cost outlay when compared to a stand electrical infrastructure installation. 


The smart home controllers are elegant as well as intelligent

The controllers are elegant as well as intelligent


Further advantages

The advantages do not end there. Thanks to its KNX control back-bone, the system is also fully upgradable, so once a project has LUXORliving fitted as standard at a base level, the possibilities to add extra functionality should the buyer require them are almost limitless. In addition, this upgrade service is also completely cost free to the developer as the homeowner deals directly with Avande via our SELECT on-line platform created free of charge for each project. Working within the Theben range, users can choose from a vast array of functionality to control different aspects of their home and because the system uses KNX as its control language, they can also choose from any maker who also uses KNX. All the homeowner needs to do is log on to the Avande SELECT portal for their building and choose the features and functionality they wish to add. This part of the service offers a strong sales advantage for developers to pass onto their customers and helps future proof each development, able to take on any new types of automation abilities that are developed over the KNX platform. Intelligently and intuitively controlling heating and lighting in a property also reduces costs for the end-user and improves the building’s overall efficiency and environmental impact.

These days homeowners are quite rightly concerned about their cybersecurity as well more traditional aspects of home protection. The good news here is that LUXORliving is certified by the VDE Institute, awarding the system, the seal for ‘verified information security’

after thorough testing. LUXORliving can also deliver on another aspect of security, being able to simulate occupation when the owners are not in, switching on-lights and controlling blinds at key points during the day. Lighting and exterior lighting can also offer security, being activated should unwanted guests approach the home. Peace of mind is also delivered via functions such as being able to turn everything in the house off from a smart device, great for those forgetful members of the family or when leaving for the day or for longer periods. Voice control of the whole system is also made possible by connecting LUXORliving to the Theben cloud. Users can then control their system via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Avande and LUXORliving, the choice is clear


Taking the LUXORliving approach, delivers a clear and concise way of offering smart home functionality for developers and homeowners alike. At every stage for all parties the options and costs involved are clear and easy to access. Working with Avande to create a Theben LUXORliving home is just as easy as the system itself is to use. Contact us to find out more.


Controlling your smart home from a smart phone app

The platform’s app provides complete control from any smart device