Gallo Acoustics’ Sphere of Influence

Gallo Acoustics’ Sphere of Influence

Ashley Said-Kirton

At Avande, we love to work in partnership with brands that share the same aims as we do. Working with Gallo Acoustics means we can supply to our clients a speaker brand that values style as highly as impressive sound. The company’s signature spherical designs offer a beautiful and sleek appearance, but also achieve impressive audio performance in one complete package.

Breaking onto the audio scene over 20 years ago, eschewing

the conventional ‘box speaker’ design, the company made an immediate impact with those who were concerned with improving the aesthetics of their space, but also wanted a high-quality audio experience.

Iconic designs such as the Micro loudspeaker (still a huge part of the company’s story today) set the tone for the company’s approach using a unique spherical enclosure which not only looks fantastic, but has the added bonus of eliminating resonance and internal diffraction, which can interfere with the quality of the sound produced.

The beautiful and powerful spherical designs of Gallo Acoustics

Whatever you desire!


Today’s range is all based around the same principles, but we at Avande love the way the company has developed its ability to offer a bespoke offering to suit any style of building or interior.

For example, the Micro A’Diva and Droplet speaker ranges are available in no less than 11 carefully chosen attractive stock colours.

However, the company is always searching for attractive new tones and recently introduced chrome, copper, gold and even 24 carat gold via the LUXE range of colour choices.

The choice just keeps on coming though as, whatever the requirements are in terms of colour scheme, Avande and Gallo Acoustics can meet them as the manufacturer’s Spectrum bespoke colour-matching service delivers any desired colour from the RAL or Pantone libraries, or even a paint code from manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow and Ball or Crown. Just let us know your preferred colour and we can create it. Gallo Acoustics can even reproduce a colour from a swatch of wallpaper or fabric. Aesthetically speaking, the possibilities are endless.

The company is always looking for ways to accommodate different needs and tastes and the recently introduced Droplet speaker is a great example. Again, using the company’s familiar spherical design, these speakers hang from the ceiling and have the appearance of attractive light fittings as much as a speaker. High-quality sound is delivered into any space and comes in a choice of nine cable colours (black, white, red, silver, gold, red/black, bronze, black/white and gunmetal) and we can specify the exact cable length to suit any interior scheme or room size and shape. The Droplet has been a huge success since its introduction and allows Avande to make a design statement with speakers, as well as an audio one.

The Droplet speaker has been a massive success

The full range

The Gallo Acoustics range consists of the Micro, the original high-performance compact speaker, the Micro SE, which delivers an uptick in terms of audio performance and the A'diva Bass Ball, again building on the Micro, but built for those who love their bass.

Also available is the A'diva SE, created for the music and movie lover who craves the ultimate in compact loudspeaker performance and the Droplet, the company’s innovative pendant speaker which hangs from the ceiling.

Also available is the Strada 2, a true Hi-Fi quality loudspeaker that is equally impressive mounted on a wall or a floor stand and the TR-3D, a subwoofer that is a perfect partner for the STRADA 2. Finally, the Profile-Sub is an on-wall subwoofer designed to complement the entire Gallo Acoustics range.

Colour, design, power and poise are delivered by Gallo Acoustics, so for Avande clients that love their audio and their interiors equality, it’s often the perfect choice.


Image credit Odoom Brothers