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Achieve Smart Security with Avande and Ajax Systems

Ashley Said-Kirton

Plenty of security and alarm systems provide insight and warnings for the more obvious security issues such as break-ins, but what about total coverage for the home with a system that protects against a whole array of issues such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks and intruders too? At Avande we trust Ajax Systems do all of this and more. 



Attractive units that are easy to retrofit or go in as part of a new build, Ajax genuinely offers something unique in the security market. This innovative maker takes a holistic approach to security providing total peace of mind for developers and homer owners alike, as well as the opportunity to create bespoke solutions for each building and user. Ajax is as flexible as it is effective.

So, what is it that makes Ajax Systems so different? The company has taken a new approach and designed a home and building protection system for the needs of the 21st century. The products are aesthetically attractive, so they do not need to be hidden away, making installation more straight-forward and flexible. On top of this, the system extends beyond the normal functionality of an intruder alarm with a range of advanced detectors that can protect any premises inside and out from a range of dangers and potential damage. Ajax Systems can even notify if a system user needs assistance when away from the property and provide their location too. Using geofencing, the system works with the homeowner to support their lifestyle whether they are a busy rush-around or take a more laid-back approach. The system provides reminders if you forget to activate as you leave and can deliver the ability to activate when away from the home.  At Avande we firmly believe there is no other system on the market that offers so much flexibility, quality of design and functionality.



Ajax Systems: Range details


LEAKS PROTECT: This part of the offering alerts when there are the first signs of moisture, this could be under a bath, shower or hot-tub, in a cellar or under a boiler or washing machine, in fact anywhere the first signs of moisture appear when there is a potential leak hazard. The system gives early warning and prevents from any problem becoming more serious offering the chance for repair before anything major occurs.


FIREP ROTECT PLUS: With its own built in siren, these units have been created to react to smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. Their individual level of sensitivity or what the units react to can be easily adjusted. Ideal for the home, office, garage or an external building, these units provide peace of mind and flexibility.


DOOR PROTECT PLUS: A contact sensor with a difference, this unit can alert the homeowner or building manager when a door or window is attacked through its shock sensor and will notify if entry is gained. However, Ajax goes further as the sensors can also be fitted on windows left open for ventilation such as Velux windows and still allow the system to be armed to protect the site.


MOTION PROTECT OUTDOOR: This is a unit allowing external protection when armed to alert for intruders, however the system is intelligent and will not react to false alarms such as pets or foxes. This unit can be used in conjunction with the Ajax wireless RELAY to turn on lights and other devices to deter unwanted visitors, one of the best ways of preventing a break-in.


BUTTON: This is a simple wireless device that can be programmed to achieve bespoke solutions for the customer such as a panic button or for automated responses such opening gates and turning on external lights whilst opening a garage door for example. For such a simple device, the programable choices here are limitless allowing Avande engineers to create systems appropriate for each project large or small.


Ajax Systems fitted by Avande deliver a faster route to securing a building or business, retrofit or newbuild, the impressive results are the same, talk to us to find out more.