Cutting Edge Smart Homes for the Carlton

Cutting Edge Smart Homes for the Carlton

Daniel Sait

This mixed development of two four-bedroom houses and six high-specification apartments by Luxgrove Homes benefits from a full range of smart home and entertainment up-grade options courtesy of the Avande Select Portal. 

The Carlton is a highly attractive development in the desirable area of Ealing, London’s greenest borough. Set in a contemporary and elegant structure, all of the apartments have either a garden or a terrace and both houses have their own garden. To be found on a peaceful tree lined road, Carlton residents have access to many parks and open spaces as well as the excellent shopping and hospitality venues of Ealing Broadway a short walk away.  

The inside of the properties benefit from a partnership between developers Luxgrove and leading London interior design studio ADEMCHIC. A team of designers have lavished attention on every aspect of the interior, to create an extremely high-quality finish offering unique and inspired homes that deliver comfort and elegance. 

The attention to detail didn’t end there. Luxgrove Homes wanted to add even further to the excellent amenities on offer in these contemporary homes by enabling new owners to choose from a wide range of entertainment or smart home up-grades, either just before they move in or afterwards if their priorities or needs change. 

The Avande Select Portal team have designed a whole range of systems specifically for each property that homeowners can choose from by simply using their unique code and selecting the smart home or entertainment option that suits their lifestyle.

William McKenna, Co-Founder, Luxgrove Capital Partners, explains, “Having Avande involved early in the project meant we could co-ordinate very closely the specifications offered by the main build and those to be offered as an option based on each buyer’s priorities. The homeowner then gets to deal directly with the expert team at Avande to achieve exactly what they require for their new home without any second guessing in the process at all. We now plug Avande into all of our projects at the planning stage.”  

The Carlton Offering 

New residents or established ones can log onto the unique Avande Select Portal for this project and choose multi-room music options so wherever they are, their favourite sounds can be present. Residents can choose between stand-alone speakers or ones integrated into the ceiling of the properties. In every living room there is also the chance to up-grade to a full wireless speaker home cinema package for awesome movie nights, sports or music concerts. 

Each residence in The Carlton development can also upgrade to smart home lighting in single or multiple zones. These fantastic and responsive systems offer the chance to automate the lighting to match what is happening in the home, arriving, leaving, going to bed, and can also deliver scenes to match any mood or occasion. Control is via scene setting ‘Pico’ light switches on the wall or from your smart device.

All of the homes can also have their security systems enhanced with heightened protection based on the needs of each owner. Environmental control systems can be enhanced with extra layers of more precise control to manage the heating precisely and with ease, whilst at home or away. This allows for energy saving and efficient room comfort.

Every single option on offer has been specifically designed for each apartment or house, so when owners make a choice, they are receiving something that has had the same level of detail and design excellence applied as for every other aspect of the property. 

Fitting is fuss free, fully supported and will have zero impact on the aesthetic ambition set for this development. The Select Portal is for life, and the smart upgrades within the portal are always the latest technologies available to the public. So whether you upgrade before you move in or 2 years afterward, as a homeowner your property is fully supported and always ready for your choices.

Carlton House Bedroom