Avande and Zero Developments Deliver Sustainability

Avande and Zero Developments Deliver Sustainability

Daniel Sait

Specifically focused on sustainable, affordable housing, Zero Developments turned to the Avande Select Portal to empower buyers to make informed choices for their new energy efficient homes.   

When designing the Avande Select Portal concept the aim was always to provide developers with a way of creating technology choices for their projects that closely match the goals of the project as a whole. 

Zero Developments focuses on delivering affordability, sustainability and efficiency. The types of smart home technologies available via the Avande Select Portal do just that, but our platform goes further by creating a unique on-line world where each buyer can make choices designed specifically for their home. 

Known as The Zero, this scheme consists of 35 private apartments where every effort has been made to achieve Zero carbon living and create one of the most eco-friendly developments in the UK, but without compromising on design or function. 

Natural resources such as the sun have been harnessed using advanced solar panels and Tesla Powerall storage batteries, so that at certain times of the year, the building is self-sufficient in power. 

Located in Raynes Park, the homes occupy a family friendly area with a strong community feel, less than 1.5 miles away from the chic Wimbledon Village in South West London. 

Zero Development, Maximum Technology

Buyers moving into these fantastically advanced dwellings can upgrade to include more efficient heating systems that can be precisely controlled to create the desired temperature in any part of the home, either automatically or in real time by the occupier. 

Occupiers can also choose to add intelligent lighting for the whole of their property which drives efficiency ensuring lights are only used when needed as well as delivering appropriate lighting levels for every mood and area of the home. Like the heating options, app controlled intelligent lighting can be accessed when at home or when away, ensuring total control of the home’s utilities. 

For even greater control of light and in-home efficiency, intelligent blinds can be added which make the most of harvesting natural light to help with warming or cooling depending on the weather. The blinds can also work in concert with the lighting to further increase the energy efficiency of the home. 

Security is also of course important and homeowners can add to this aspect of their home according to their needs. 

These homes are also packed with entertainment options. Customers can choose from multi-room music systems and home cinema up-grades.

All of the systems are fitted by our experienced engineers with minimum fuss and zero impact on the interiors of the homes. The systems can be fitted before new buyers move in or after and all the choices can be made easily and efficiently using each homeowners’ unique code to enter the Avande Select Portal.  

Max Smith, MD of Zero Developments, explains, “We wanted to include smart home technology right from the start of the project. However, the solution we looked at first was too expensive and did not take into account that we would not know in advance just what types of functionality buyers would want. For us the Avande Select Portal makes total sense. Owners can take charge of the efficiency of their homes from wherever they are via the app controls and we can partner with a smart home expert which protects us from potentially over-specifying before people move in. We are extremely happy with the results so far.”

The Avande team, the developer and Hamptons (the estate agent for the scheme) have also worked together to deliver marketing materials and events so the concept has really hit home with buyers.

Hamptons, the estate agents for the scheme, the developer and our Avande team have worked closely together, to align the portal, to deliver marketing materials and to organise open events, so the concept has really hit home with potential new home buyers.