Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio

Ashley Said-Kirton
Who does not like music? It is the sound track of our lives that enhances our memories and day to day experiences in ways that no other form of entertainment can. Whatever your age or musical taste there has never been a better time to be a music fan, why? Because now you can have all the music you love, all the time, wherever you are in your home.

Music delivery has under-gone a complete revolution since the birth of digital music beginning in the late 1990s. Taking music into the digital realm has freed it from the limitations of physical delivery systems like records and tapes and allowed it to flow into more areas and be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere. What began as a relatively low-quality way of making music portable with products like Apple’s iPod, has evolved into vast libraries of all your favourite music now available in high resolution not just on your hip, but in your home, everywhere in your home.

What is multiroom music?

Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Your music wherever you want it, when you want it. Many different systems are available, you may have heard of Sonos which operates at the entry level of multiroom systems, but there are loads of other options that step things up in terms of performance and versatility. Speakers can be integrated into the fabric of your home in ceilings and walls, so you hardly notice they are there (until they fill your home with music of course), or they can be more obvious when you want to make a design statement via today’s attractive looking speakers which not only fill a home with music but look great too.
Getting to your music has never been easier, today’s systems can gather all of your stored digital music files, whether they are on a computer or your phone, as well as connected to all of today’s online streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal and place them all in the palm of your hand, so whatever you are doing you will have the perfect sound track.
Old school music fans needn’t worry either, vinyl has seen a huge revival in recent times, and those with a big record collection can join the revolution too. There are plenty of ways to connect your turntable to a multiroom system, so you can enjoy the warm sound of vinyl everywhere in the home. Many modern turntables come with a digital connection built right into the hardware.
So, whether it’s party time and you want all the same music in every room in the house, or you just want to listen to some cool sounds while you cook with the family, or its some alone time to rediscover those great albums, your musical dreams can come true. If you need some advice just ask our experts and let’s get the party started!


by Daniel Sait