What is Wondrwall, exactly?

What is Wondrwall, exactly?

Ashley Said-Kirton
Mark Lufkin from Wondrwall takes the time to let us know exactly what Wondrwall is and what it can do you for you.


Wondrwall gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself.
Wondrwall is a pioneering intelligent living system that makes your home adapt to your needs and desires – automatically controlling heating, lighting, security, safety, and music with voice control technology to override any adjustments at any time. The Wondrwall home learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most times in and how you use heating and lighting. In doing so, Wondrwall seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment without your input.


The Heart of Wondrwall
The real power of Wondrwall lies in our light switch running its own operating system and housing 13 different sensors covering temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound creating a sensory network of over 100 sensors throughout the home that monitor your habitational patterns, as well as your home’s overall efficiency and performance. Amazon’s push-to-talk Alexa platform offers added functionality with voice control.
Once installed, Wondrwall begins to build a detailed picture of exactly how you use your home. With a complex understanding of your habitation patterns, Wondrwall plots the optimal running of your home while making continual improvements. Using machine learning and predictive modelling to make intelligent decisions to control your home efficiently, save you money and to make your home more comfortable and safer.
With Wondrwall technology, your home gains the intelligence and insights about your living patterns and how your home functions it needs to control the heating, lighting, security and safety of your home exactly as you want them, without you having to tell it.


Wondrwall knows how long it will take your home to reach ideal temperature at different times of the day ensuring there isn’t a moment of discomfort. Intelligently identifying your temperature preferences from past behaviour enables Wondrwall to wake you to just the right temperature in the morning while timing your heating to avoid wasting energy. Wondrwall’s intelligence enables it to make real-time adjustments to usual routines. This means if you’re delayed on your route home from work or going out for dinner, Wondrwall will pick up on this and pause the heating until you are back on track, saving you the costs associated with heating an empty home.


The most advanced light switch in the world offers touch-sensitive control of up to three lighting circuits but it can do so much more. In the morning, Wondrwall can sound the alarm to wake you. Wondrwall recognises when the home is unoccupied and turns off any lights that have been left on. When in ‘Away’ mode, Wondrwall will turn on and off certain lights in the home to simulate occupancy. When you get home after dark, Wondrwall welcomes you home by turning on the lights to greet you. Additionally, all lighting In the home can be controlled via the mobile app or using voice control allowing you, for example, to switch off all lights in the home as you go to sleep.


Wondrwall is always on guard to catch intruders. Our motion sensors in every light switch work as part of a sensory based system, detecting the presence of trespassers. Sensors can be individually controlled to ensure that if you have a large pet, its presence does not accidentally sound the alarm. In addition, Wondrwall can catch intruders before they enter the home, with voice technology tuned to react to the sound of a smashed window. Wondrwall sounds the alarm by activating the siren as well as flashing the internal and external lights and alerting the home owner via the Wondrwall App. The key fob ensures further protection with proximity-based arming and disarming of security features, as well as letting you know who has arrived home. The alarm is an approved alarm system compliant with BS / EN 50130-4.


Wondrwall enhances the standard safety features of a home. We identify the sound of a smoke alarm, flashing all the lights inside the house to make sure all the inhabitants are awake, also sending alerts through to each and every light switch. Each key fob has a built-in panic button, so your loved ones are never truly alone - with a single press sending an alert to all pre-programmed contacts simultaneously.


Wondrwall can connect to your media too, playing music through speakers built in to each switch. For the ultimate in sound quality, Wondrwall can play music through Sonos speakers in the home. These can be controlled via Wondrwall by voice or through the Wondrwall app from anywhere in the home.


Voice Control
All the functions of Wondrwall can be controlled by voice. Using Amazon’s Push-to-Talk Alexa Platform, Wondrwall can do so much more - weather or travel information, order from Amazon, retrieve the day’s events from your Google calendar for example. Using the Amazon Alexa platform, Wondrwall also works with and controls smart home devices.


Installing Wondrwall couldn’t be simpler.
With Wondrwall you get a full intelligent home automation system for a similar price to a standard burglar alarm. Wondrwall is also easy and inexpensive to install. You just replace your light switches with Wondrwall switches, your thermostat and alarm siren with Wondrwall components and follow the set up process on the Wondrwall app which will connect your devices together.
To best see what Wondrwall can do, watch a short video of a day in the life of one of our show homes and get more info on our website: Wondrwall Website