Orcomm offers a complete home automation solution

Orcomm offers a complete home automation solution

Daniel Sait

A simple and beautiful approach to home automation is delivered via the range of platforms and control points from Orcomm. Lighting/ambient light and environmental control as well as security are brought under the spell of each user via a system that weaves attractively into the fabric of any building.

Using the most modern techniques, offered in a simple, attractive, user-friendly interface, Orcomm delivers off-the-shelf as well as bespoke solutions to enhance offerings on current or future developments that will chime with the needs of homeowners and offer developers a risk-free approach to including full home automation on their projects.

End users can specify and choose the system that suits them, either just before they move in or at any time afterwards, by using the Avande Select Portal for their building. Homeowners simply log into the Avande Select Portal with their unique code and make the choices that make sense to their lifestyle and everything is taken care of by the Avande team including the financials, installation and after care for the life of the system. 


Why Orcomm?

Naturally we make very careful choices when choosing the products that we offer and the Orcomm platform delivers in every area required to create a truly modern smart home, all from one company. 

For lighting control the Digilux platform steps to the fore offering a system free from complicated wiring or programming, able to cover smaller apartments or larger homes with ease using wire-free technology to bring control and customisation in an easy to install and user friendly system. Digilux can be easily added to a home just before the user moves in or at any point afterwards without disrupting the aesthetics of the dwelling. 

Control points can be selected from black or white options offering either dimmer or switch style activation. A beautiful selection of metal faceplates is available, and each building can also be supplied with a bespoke solution from one gang to four gang options, maybe mix dimming and switching in the same unit, the choice is yours. 

Orcomm also offers control of ambient light, a growing area of home automation that delivers huge benefits to end users. Controlling the amount of ambient light into a home can deliver energy efficiency and also create a more pleasant environment as the home can let natural light flood in when appropriate or limit its entry cutting down on glare or creating special atmospheres for different occasions.

Whether using conventional AC/DC hardwired motors or wireless kinetically-assisted motors, the user has the same look and feel to their interaction and any compatible blinds become part of the wider smart home system able to work in concert with the rest of the home.

HVAC control can be one of the most difficult things to integrate into a smart home system as many of today's heating and cooling products still tend to operate using isolated control protocols. However, regardless of whether you are using hydraulic, electric underfloor heating, or district systems, Orcomm is able to offer control and integration between manifolds and wiring centres into the wider smart home system making environmental control fully part of the experience. 

For single dwelling or MDU developments, a full video door entry service is also offered. Each solution can be location agnostic, enabling a single block or a multi-site system to communicate within a secure IP network. This ensures the creation of a multi-service communication platform for users and those visiting the building for social or business reasons. 

Further communication possibilities are delivered via the company’s Community Portal, which offers the chance for connection to and communication with residents using smart screens located around the building in communal areas. The platform is engineered to allow communication 24/7 from the development management team, local businesses or events keeping residents up to speed with what is happening in the building or in the local area.

Every development of course should deliver security to residents. Using fob or card proximity entrances, Orcomm’s intelligent IP controllers can work standalone or via the open-platform software package. Orcomm’s systems can scale up to very large systems, the company’s biggest project to date controls over 200 doors, with over 4000 users across multiple blocks.


Complete control

Our engineers can program every system to the bespoke needs of each individual homeowner. 

Special scenes can be created that suit everyday occurrences such as leaving for work and returning home, or special occasions like a party. The system can also be programmed to mimic occupancy to deliver extra security if the family is away on holiday or business. As well as activating control directly from the attractive face plates, voice control by Alexa and Google Home is also available. 

When more control and information is required inside the home, Orcomm has a range of attractive screens for operating access to the main door and controlling the rest of the home. For example, the ORC-7T-BL-NL, 7inch Smart Screen delivers clarity of vision and simple to use icon-based control enabling complete control over the whole home.

When looking for an affordable, complete and highly attractive smart home solution, all deliverable risk free to the developer and fuss free for the homeowner, turn to the Avande Select Portal and look for Orcomm.