As your property has not been cabled yet, you can choose to add a LUXORliving lighting & heating control system, based on the leading smart home control protocol; KNX.

Simple integrated control for all your lighting & heating within your home.

If you are interested in a LUXORliving system we can only do this before your options cut off date, so don't delay and get in touch today. 

Call on 03333 447 892 for a consultation.

What are the benefits you might ask? 

  • With a LUXORLiving KNX system from Theben, you can not only control lighting, but your heating system too.
  • Control all your smart home features from one interface. 
  • Set different lighting scenes in each room of your home. Great for entertaining, cosy nights in, or for focus when working from home.
  • Turn on all a welcome scene when you return home, or turn off all your lights with one button when leaving for the day.
  • Save energy by dimming your lighting when you have enough natural light.




P640 640mA Power Supply


IP1 System Centre IP Interface

1 S16 Switching Actuator

S8 Switching Actuator
1 D4 Dimmer
1 S4 Switching Actuator (vent fans)
1 T8 Binary Input
2 H6 Heating Actuator
17 Alpha Radiator Valves
17 iON 4 Room Controllers (Keypad)
2 iON 8 Room Controllers (Keypad)
12 Temperature Probes


Avande Connect installation service


More info coming soon...

More info coming soon...

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