As your property has not been cabled yet, you can choose to add a KNX lighting control system.

Simple integrated control for all your lighting within your home.

    Check out our other packages in the Comfort and Shading categories for even more options to create your ideal Smart Home.

    If you are interested in a KNX system we can only do this before your options cut off date, so don't delay and get in touch today. 

    What are the benefits you might ask? 

    • With an Avande Connect KNX system, you can not only control lighting, but you can choose to add other services such as comfort heating & cooling, blind and curtain control.
    • Control all your smart home features from one interface. 
    • Set different lighting scenes in each room of your home. Great for entertaining, cosy nights in, or for focus when working from home.
    • Turn on all a welcome scene when you return home, or turn off all your lights with one button when leaving for the day.
    • Save energy by dimming your lighting when you have enough natural light.




    Gira 640mA Power Supply


    Gira X1

    1 Gira S1
    3 Theben DM 8-2 T
    1 Theben RM 8 S
    1 Theben RM 4 U
    2 KNX Panel Build with circuit protection
    30 Gira 1 Gang Pushbutton Sensor 3 with Esprit Frame (Lighting Keypad)


    Avande Connect installation service


    More info coming soon...

    More info coming soon...

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