When it comes to aesthetics, Basalte are one of the leaders in lighting keypad design. Our upgrade package includes the Basalte Sentido Quad in brushed aluminium to replace all your existing switches.


Sentido is a keypad designed to easily control lights, scenes, shades and even music at the slightest touch, thanks to the innovative touch technology and unique multitouch functions.



By touching each of the four touch-sensitive areas you can use KNX to execute a range of functions including switching, dimming, operating blinds, activating scenes etc. Touching an area will give visual feedback by means of lighting up the central RGB LED which can also be controlled by KNX to provide visual feedback of the statuses. It can also be used to illuminate the switch in the dark. The sentido switch uses the patented multitouch technology, touching more than one area at the same time activates an additional function.


Each Single touch area has a defined function:


No action




Motor Control

Singe Press motor control


1 byte value

2 byte value

Shift Register

RGB Value



This package includes the following items:


17 x Basalte Sentido Keypads


1 x Avande Installation and Setup (if selected)


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