Rollastor roller blinds offer high performance, durability and aesthetics, with an engineered chain operated mechanism for ease of use. Optional upgrades are available for fascias to cover the blinds inside a fully concealed white powder coated aluminium box. Roller blinds are a great way to manage glare and light ingress into a space, they work well with technical screen fabrics such as the Screen R collection, or blackout fabrics such as the Soltech contract blackout. 

The Screen R 3% openness option is great for optimising natural light whilst protecting from glare, It will also allow a view out to the outside world in the day but will have the trade off that at night people outside can see through them. The 1% option has a greater opacity and will reduce the amount of light transmitted into the space, and is a good option if you are happy to forgo some of your view when completely closed in the day but are looking to have greater privacy at night. If both privacy and harvesting natural light in the day are important to you could consider the combination of a 3% screen fabric and a second system with a dimout or blackout fabric (curtains or rollers work well). Darker colours will give clearer crisper views but will radiate more heat, whilst lighter colours will give greater reflectance in all cases the 3% and 1% screen options will meet your glare and solar protection needs.

The contract blackout option is a high performance blackout with a wide array of colours to suit your design needs. The rollers have been proposed to fit within the window space as an option, it should be noted as a vertical moving system light gaps will occur at the edges and the top of the roller as the fabric cover is slightly smaller than the total width to allow for the chain mechanism. For bedroom spaces where you may prefer performance closer to 100% blackout, curtains could be considered as an alternative. 

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