This package is specifically catered to 34 Elmgrove Road - Templeton, taking advantage of your currently owned cinema system and building a complete experience on top of it. 


The rear surround channels are taken care of by the Klipsch Reference Premiere Designer On-Wall RP-140D Slim Speakers. The Dolby Atmos height speakers are the Sonance C6R Premium Ceiling Speakers. 


As this product is building from a currently owned cinema system, we recommend checking if the existing setup has enough available channels for the ceiling surround speakers, if not, please refer to the product below which is our recommended AVR for this system. 


This product includes installation.



This package includes the following: 


2 x Klipsch Rear Wall Surround Speakers


2 x Sonance Ceiling Speaker Pair


Avande Connect Installation and Sound Calibration 

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