Upgrade your Lighting control keypads to the latest offering from Gira, the Pushbutton 4.


Gira Pushbutton 4 makes an impression with its high-quality, contemporary design, genuine materials and a pleasant touch and feel. A wide range of KNX applications can be controlled from a certain point at the push of a button.


Once you purchase your package we'll arrange to discuss the range of finishes  with you.  Please note different finishes may carry a different price.



Pushbutton sensor with integrated bus coupler and the option of connecting a wired remote sensor.

Operating surface made of high-quality three-millimetre thick real material (glass, stainless steel, aluminium).

Rocker or button function can be set for each operating surface.

Tactile feedback when a button is pressed.


Functions: Switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitter, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation and controller auxiliary unit.

Switching: Reaction when pressed and/or released, switching on, switching off, changing over.

Dimming: Times for short and long actuations, dimming in different levels, telegram repetition in the event of long actuation, sending a stop telegram at the end of actuation.

Blind Controller: Four different operating concepts with times for short and long actuation and slat adjustment.

Value Transmitter function: Value range selection, value on actuation.

Scene auxiliary unit: with or without storage function, calling up internal scenes with or without storage function.

2-Channel operation: The operation of two independent channels can be set for each rocker or every button. This allows up to two telegrams to be sent on the bus at the push of a button. The channels can be parametrised independently of each other for switching, value transmitting or scene functions. 


17 x Gira Pushbutton 4 Keypads


1 x Avande Install and Setup (if selected)

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