If you have a bit to spend and you want something bold, fun and wireless, the Harman Kardon Citation Towers are certainly worth an audition. They might not match up to the kind of traditional hi-fi system you could build for two grand, but then that was never the attention.

Subtlety is their main issue – these stereo towers like to play loud, with a lot of energy – but if you're hoping to get a party started then they will most happily be of service. Google Assistant being built-in only sweetens the deal.


Harman Kardon's Citation Tower speaker delivers multi room capability by adding extra Citation speakers to create the ultimate whole house audio experience. Offering the ability to play the same music or different music in different rooms and control it from a tablet or smartphone.

Industrial Scandinavian design blends perfectly together with the innovative technology in the Harman Kardon's Citation Series, offering the discerning listener the best in home audio and entertainment systems.

This Citation Tower speaker blends innovation in home audio entertainment with a sophisticated and beautiful design. The premium blended wool fabric, made by Kvadrat, is dirt repellent and flame retardant.

This is truly the first premium product of its kind, the Harman Kardon's Citation range is the ultimate in state of the art audio from the world’s foremost purveyor of high fidelity audio products for over 65 years.

  • Features
    • Hands free help with the Google Assistant

    The Google Assistant brings convenient voice control to your Harman Kardon's Citation wireless home sound system. Get answers, play music, control your smart home and tackle the challenges of your day using simply the power of your voice

    • Cinematic wireless surround sound

    Get the full home cinema surround sound experience, without all the cables. Setup a 5.1 system for the ultimate movie, sport and gaming experience by adding a Citation bar, Citation sub and Citation surround speakers

    • Play and control your music with your voice

    Use your voice to ask for your favourite songs and enjoy high definition music streaming, powered by the cloud 

    • Access more than 300 music streaming services

    Listen to your favourite audio content, Internet radio and podcasts, all in high definition through Chromecast built in 

    • Ready for multi channel surround sound

    Add a Citation subwoofer for deep, rich bass. A Citation bar for crisp dialogues and a pair of Citation surrounds for an impressive multi channel home cinema surround sound experience

    • Privacy 

    Be in control of how you connect and what you share. Harman Kardon's Citation microphones are easily switched on or off, providing security and privacy as you require. Multicoloured LED indicators allow you to quickly check the current state of microphones

    • Always up to date

    Effortlessly keep your features and services up to date. Software updates and upgrades automatically download and install to your system. Maintaining state of the art home audio has never been easier 

    • Simple setup with the Google Home

    With the free Google Home app for iOS and Android, you can easily set up and manage all of your Harman Kardon's Citation speakers. All speakers support both 2.4gHz and 5gHz Wi Fi connections.

    • Colour touch display

    Get complementary information from your audio content or control your music with your fingertips using the intuitive touch panel colour display

    • Wireless Bluetooth® streaming

    Harman Kardon's Citation makes it easy to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® allowing you to turn Internet audio into an immersive musical experience

    • Enjoy your Apple Music with AirPlay

    Discover new artists and access your favourite playlists from Apple Music with AirPlay. Use the iPhone app to choose your soundtrack and set the mood anywhere in your home


19kg / 42 lb


Height: 1160mm / 45.67"; Width: 47mm / 1.85"' Depth: 347mm / 13.66" per speaker

Power Supply

100V to 240V  50Hz to 60Hz

Wifi, no Bluetooth

5.15 - 5.35gHz, 5.470 - 5.725gHz, 5.725 - 5.825gHz

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