Upgrade your KNX Lighting Control system to have a Gira G1 touchscreen on each floor, giving you the ability to control lighting, heating and more.

Available in Black or White finish


The Gira G1 is a multi-functional room operating device for visualising and operating a variety of building functions. For use in the KNX system and Gira door communication system, or as client. The respective range of functions depends on the firmware used.


Operation is via a gesture-capable multi-touch display.

Connection and communication are via LAN or WLAN depending on the variant.

Integrated speaker.

Integrated microphone with echo compensation.


As a multi-functional room operating device, the Gira G1 offers the following functions and function combinations:


KNX room operating device

Video home station

Client for following systems/servers - Homeserver - X1

Integration of internet services.


As a KNX room operating device, the Gira G1 has the following properties:


Intuitive user interface that can be adapted by the end user.

System settings are protected via a pin code

Switching and Dimming (relative and absolute), dimming (including dimming RGB, RGBW, and Tunable White), blind and roller shutter control, value transmitter, and scene auxiliary unit.

Status display, display of date and time, display of indoor and outdoor temperature.

Up to 150 functions (six function folders or rooms with up to 25 functions each).

More than 320 function icons.

Up to 125 seven-day time with 10 switching times each.

Access to IP cameras.

Audio control.

Room temperature controller in combination with the temperature sensor module, or KNX devices for room temperature measurement.

Up to 150 room temperature controller auxiliary units in combination with KNX 3 plus pushbutton sensor or KNX C02 sensor for room temperature measurement and control.

Operating modes: Comfort, standby, night and frost/heat protection with their own temperature set point values (for heating and/or cooling).

Operating modes can be adapted individually.

Comfort extension using the presence button.

Frost/heat protection changeover using window status.

Display of room temperature controller information.

Control parameters for PI controllers and 2-point controllers can be set.

A heating clock as a seven-day timer with 28 switching times.

Room temperature controller auxiliary unit for sauna operation.

Room temperature controller auxiliary unit for controlling air conditioning systems (fan coil) in conjunction with a KNX gateway for air conditioning systems.



1 x Gira G1 Keypad in your chosen finish.


1 x Avande installation and setup (if selected).



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