This Cinema Package has been tailor made to fit the infrastructure that has been installed in your home.


The Bronze option is a 5.1 system with a James Audio ultra-thin and excellent-sounding soundbar. The height speakers are the Sonance C6R ceiling pair. The bass is covered by the Krix C11 Subwoofer, amplified using the Origin Sub A150 amplifier. This is all handled by the Yamaha A-4A Receiver and controlled using the Savant pro remote X2 and the Savant HDBASET Extender. 


What's Included


The items included in this package are - 


1 x LCR Soundbar

1 x Surround Ceiling Speaker pairs

1 x 11" Passive Subwoofer

1 x Amplifier

1 x AV Receiver 

1 x Control System (Remote and Extender)

Cabling and Accessories 

Avande Connect Installation


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