This package has been designed to increase your wireless network and performance throughout your property. Using the Ruckus Unleashed Managed Wireless Access Points strategically placed within your property to create a larger managed wireless coverage area. This is managed solution, meaning the access points work together to determine the best connectivity option for your wireless device, this allows for faster wifi, smoother seamless roaming and a generally more efficient wireless connection.


What is a managed wireless network? 


A managed wireless network is becoming a standard as today's wireless network demands grow, with so much traffic from Audio, Video and Social media, wireless networks are having to be more efficient and faster than ever before, a managed network streamlines this by managing and monitoring your entire wireless network, from configuration to wireless connectivity monitoring, a managed wireless network ensures your connected device always connects to the wireless network seamlessly and efficiently.



2 x Ruckus 350U access points.


1 x Network Switch


1 x Cables and Setup information.




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