Landmark Place, The Height of Luxury Living

Avande Project - Landmark Place

Avande acts as the go to technology expert for many of London’s most prestigious developments. Being one of the most desirable cities to live in on the planet, London’s developers demand the very best when designing their homes in every aspect of the build.
We provide much of the technology, control and entertainment systems delivered as standard or available as upgrades in many of London’s most sought-after developments including this stunning recent project, Landmark Place.

Landmark place under construction
Built on the site of a former office block belonging to global foods company, Tate & Lyle Sugar, Landmark Place occupies an extremely enviable space on London’s iconic River Thames and boasts some of the best views of the capital’s most famous landmarks including St Pauls Cathedral and Tower Bridge. The building is located close to London’s financial district, as well a wealth of cultural hot spots such as the Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre.
Landmark Place offers open plan luxury apartment living appointed to the standard you would expect from a development such as this, but with the bonus of intelligent smart home features supplied by our expert team. We were responsible for the design, supply and commission of all the automation, control systems and Wi-Fi networks which take these apartments to the next level in convenience and luxury.

 Interior kitchen of Landmark Place apartment

As well as the apartments, our team also designed, supplied and commissioned the communal lighting control system, the gym audio visual system and controls as well as the entertainment system available in the communal cinema room.  Our experience across many developments of this type, means every corner of prestigious buildings of this type can benefit from the functionality and ease of use our systems offer.
For this particular build brands such as GIRA and Loxone, both experts in attractive home automation solutions, allow residents to control their lighting, heating, hot water, cooling, towel rails, underfloor heating, as well as set ‘scenes’ to match every mood for entertaining, resting, working or just enjoying a quiet night in. 


Creating and controlling beautiful homes

Powered by a system known as KNX, the backbone of many modern intelligent buildings, Avande have built a range of convenient and attractive abilities right into the fabric of each apartment at Landmark Place.


Using a mixture of automation specialist brands including Loxone and GIRA, residents can precisely control their heating and lighting adding levels of convenience and aesthetics simply not available a few short years ago. As well as being able to control the heating, lights and content such as music directly from beautifully designed on-wall switches, residents can also control all the systems in each property via a Samsung Tablet.

River thames at Landmark place

Choosing the intelligent functions of a new home

Along with the design and installation, we provide a full consultation service on all our projects to make sure that residents can take advantage of all the functionality available and build a home that truly matches their needs. A wide range of products and systems don’t just make sure your home is intelligent but deliver in the aesthetics department too.

At Landmark Place, residents have been able to take advantage of additions such as weather stations to help plan the day as well as discrete LED light fittings equipped with motion and brightness sensors which mean the light only comes on when needed and at the right level for the time of day.


View of the river Thames from Landmark Place
Other options included the Loxone Touch Pure, a beautiful wall mounted smart controller boasting a sleek design with a silken glass finish which offers complete and intuitive control of the apartments’ lighting, window treatments or even music playback. This lovingly designed product not only controls the home, but adds to the look and contemporary feel of any living space it occupies.

Taking living spaces like Landmark Place to the right level is all about the details and products like the Loxone Touch Pure deliver sophistication and cutting-edge technology in one beautifully presented package. When even more integration is required, residents at Landmark Place have been able to call on the Loxone Touch Surface, a truly unique product which integrates control buttons delivering similar functionality to the Touch Pure, but directly into the hard surfaces in the home, such as a dining table or kitchen work surface.

Residents at Landmark Place have also been able to call on Avande experts to enhance other aspects of their homes including intelligent security systems which feedback information on open or closed windows and detect if there is an attempt at forced entry.
One of the coolest features offered at Landmark Place is the Loxone Caller Service. This truly 21st century service allows a smart home to call the owner when important information is available, there might be a security or utility issue, or it might be that the home owner forgot to do something before leaving that morning. This service provides a convenient reminder and gives each smart home a voice, building a relationship with each family.


Bathroom in Landmark Place apartment

Landmark Place stands as a great example of how our team can offer chances to enhance a home, right in the heart of one of the greatest cities on earth.


by Daniel Sait
Let Us Light Your Way!

Automated and intelligent lighting systems help make a house, your home.

Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to create a welcoming atmosphere, save energy, add to the design sophistication of your home, add security and promote wellbeing for the whole family.
These systems can fill a home with easily controllable, stylish lighting which can change moods for every occasion, even changing colour to add a touch of drama when needed.
Intelligent lighting systems adapt themselves to your family, helping to save energy, but also generate the best environment for your home - making sure just the right amount and the right kind of light is provided for each area and time of day.
Today’s systems can also control the amount of sunlight coming into a home with automated blinds and curtains which work in harmony with the lights.
What’s more, automated lighting platforms can easily be retrofitted into existing homes, so you can have all this cutting-edge technology with minimum fuss and maximum benefit.
We have selected from the best systems and manufacturers around to give you a choice that is sure to fit in with your needs and desires. From compact apartments, to larger homes and houses, we can deliver an experience that will transform your idea of what a home can look and feel like.
Brands such as Lutron, Crestron, MiHome and Wondrwall, will change not just your home, but your life.

Living room with Control 4 on TV screen

What are the benefits to your home?

Sam Woodward, who is Customer Education Leader, Europe and Africa at luxury automated lighting manufacturer, Lutron, explains, “Thanks to advancements in technology, end users are becoming accustomed to a new level of control and reliability in their homes. Smartphone and tablet apps provide complete control of this technology with the touch of a button. For example, when you’re away from home and want to shut off your lights and close your blinds, using an app, you can hit ‘All Off’ to turn off all lights and close every blind. Not only is this incredibly simple, but you can do it remotely, so homeowners have complete control from anywhere in the world.”
Sam explains, “In addition, you can schedule lighting control to fit your needs, adjusting lights and blinds automatically at certain times of day. We also have systems that track sunrise and sunset based on location, so that lights turn on or off at the right time every day and can be dimmed appropriately. In the mornings, lights are at a soft level, with slightly raised blinds; at sunset, the blinds close and lights adjust to your preferences.
“Indeed, new technology brings an additional level of security, energy efficiency and personalisation to the homeowner. Lighting control systems now come with a range of scenes to match the setting, all of which can be adapted depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Meanwhile, features such as 'Smart Away' randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when the home is unoccupied.
“This technology is now within reach for a wider variety of homes. Reliable wireless systems such as Lutron’s RA2 Select make it even simpler, faster, less disruptive and more economical to bring the benefits of automated lighting to residences.”

Hallway with ambient lighting


Setting The Scene

So, in a little more detail, one of the most impactful abilities of modern lighting systems is the choice to set a scene to suit whatever you are up to. This functionality adds real personality to a home and brings the desired atmosphere to any occasion, whether it is hosting friends for dinner, creating drama for movie night or just focal lighting.
Being able to control scenes also benefits your electricity bill as you can have timers set which automatically switch off the lights within given parameters. Then there is the option of motion sensors, which are a great way to have light in the right place at the right time. Ultimately, scene setting gives you options to differentiate your home according to the mood you are in, the activities you have planned, or just simply the way you are feeling.
It adds flexibility and personalisation to the home in a way that was just not possible before. All this intuitive control is delivered either into the palm of your hand via smart devices you already own, or sophisticated and attractive wall mounted control interfaces. Even voice control can be added if you desire.

Staircase and bathroom with coloured lighting

Energy Saving, Security and Remote Control

Being able to control lighting from a single interface, setting up sensors and timers (useful for when you leave home), combining lighting to other elements of your home (heating or shading, for example), means your home can become super-efficient and save you energy and, in the long-term, money too.
Linking security sensors to the lighting is very effective in deterring unwelcome guests from even thinking about approaching your property. Automated scene settings can help mimic your activity if you are away, convincing the rest of the world you are really there, which is another big security benefit.
With some of the most advanced systems, you can ‘dial in’ at any time to turn lights on or off, adding another level of convenience and often security, whenever you feel the need.
You need light in your home, so help us transform what can be a basic utility, to a sophisticated, attractive, automated, mood enhancing delight, that will transform the way to see light forever.


by Daniel Sait
What is Immersive Home Cinema?
Using new technologies such as Dolby Atmos, 4K Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range, today’s home cinemas are like nothing you will have seen or heard before.
With performance that will outstrip any commercial cinema integrated into the fabric of your own home, a home cinema opens up a whole new world of entertainment for the whole family.
Whether your passion is film, music, sport, box sets, or gaming, a home cinema can put you on the edge of your seat, help you relax or enjoy family time. Whatever the mood, your new home cinema can not only match it, but enhance it.

Why immersive? Cutting edge images and sound

Immersive is a term often used to describe modern home cinemas. This is due to the introduction of new technologies which have pushed performance to new levels, and which draw you in to the content and surround you with sights and sounds simply not possible before.


Immersive sound

You may have heard of a technology called Dolby Atmos. This and other technologies like it (DTS:X and Auro 3D) are a new family of immersive surround sound advancements which produce audio in a completely new way and are already included in many commercial cinemas.
Moving way beyond the old ‘5.1’ systems, which used five speakers and one bass speaker to deliver a ‘surround sound effect’, these new systems use new digital recording and delivery techniques to produce sound that mimics the real world as the audio from whatever you are watching literally moves around you like sound does out in the real world. So, in that exciting action movie, the sounds from a helicopter flying over-head really do come from above, the expansive sound of the crowd at the big game fills the room so you feel like you are there, and music concerts come alive in a way not possible before. Gaming also takes on a new immersive quality that will see you lost in your favourite action-packed games.

Home Cinema with Sofa

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D, are now appearing on the content you love – be it via broadcast, Blu-ray discs or streaming services. An up-to-date home cinema puts you right in the centre of a rich audio environment that your ears won’t believe.
George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, once said, “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” With these technologies, this has never been more true, and we can place you right at the centre of the action.


Ultra-High Definition Images

Another area which has seen huge strides in recent times is in the level of image quality possible on super-sized TVs and with home cinema projectors. You may have heard of technologies such as Ultra High Definition (UHD), 4K or HDR (High Dynamic Range).
Moving beyond the jargon, basically what all these technologies mean is that manufacturers can now pack way more pixels and colours onto your chosen screen than ever before, delivering more life-like and vibrant content. Your new home cinema will be able to take advantage of all the new content that is being produced in these formats, and also give a fresh lease of life to content you thought you knew, as many of today’s products can ‘up-scale’ Standard Definition and High Definition content to the new UHD 4K standards.
To provide a little bit of perspective, you are probably used to watching ‘HD’ signals, pretty standard now for broadcast and disc-based content. HD technology delivers 1920x1080 pixels into an image at any given time, UHD – or 4K as it is sometimes called – delivers 3840x2160 pixels, four times the amount, providing a total of 8.3 million individual pixels! Images burst with vibrancy and life-like quality.
This new image format is now readily available for large screen TVs and projectors. If you want to know more about how the technology works, our experts can certainly bring you up to speed, but in short, your eyes won’t believe what they are seeing.

Cinema room with red chairs

So how do I get this huge slice of fun in my home?

The great news is, all this technology can be integrated into your home with the minimum of fuss and for a price that will surprise you. Today’s systems offer a huge variety of good, better and best options, so whatever your budget, we can find the right set-up for you.
The other great news is that installation is fuss-free and can be achieved without affecting the look of your home. Today’s speaker systems can integrate into walls and ceilings, so you will hardly know they are there at all – until they spring into life. However, there are also speakers that look so great, you may want to show them off.
Today’s projectors are compact but powerful, so can be installed without impacting the aesthetics of the home, but still deliver incredible images.
Get in touch today and let our experts design, install and deliver to your family the best and most enjoyable investment you will ever make in your home.


by Daniel Sait
Images courtesy of Pulse Cinemas
TV and Home Cinema
Enjoying great TV and home cinema experiences is all about performance and content. Happily, those two ingredients have never been more readily available, so enhancing your screen time at home is now possible to a level that literally your eyes and ears won’t believe.

The expansion of top-quality TV shows, films and content has been driven by the availability of systems such as Sky, Virgin Media and by streaming services such as Netflix. Add to this the lesser known, high-quality movie servers which can store all your favourite DVD/Blu-rays and deliver access to online digital movie stores, then getting to the content you love has never been easier. The global success of high-quality drama series such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, not to mention the availability of all the world’s top sporting events, means that the days of dreary old TV shows than neither excite or inspire are over, you can have the content you want, when you want it and in unbelievable quality.

Immersive TV 

Whilst our experts can hook you up with all the content you could ever want, what good is it without something awesome to watch in on right? Well we have that covered too. Modern large screen TVs using technologies such as OLED and advanced LEDs deliver images that you won’t believe. Lots of technical phrases such as 4K, 8K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) are bandied about these days, rest assured we will only supply TVs that deliver the very best images possible for your needs. We deal with the technical side so all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

Marrying today’s very slim TVs with strong audio is also hugely important to your enjoyment. Many speaker systems are now made specifically for this task, matching the form factor of the TV and adding the high-quality audio to match the high-quality image. We have this covered too.

Immersive Cinema

Home cinema has seen massive growth in recent years, the products to install either a dedicated home cinema or a system which sits hidden in your living room until it is needed have never been better and more readily available.
Many people ask us if a home cinema is as good as going to a ‘real cinema’ we say no, it isn’t, its way better. Today’s projectors, screens and discrete speaker systems will deliver an experience at home that will outstrip anything you will experience in a multi-plex cinema. You will see better large screen images, hear better sound and have a genuinely more exciting experience all in the comfort of your own home. If you love movies, watching sport on the big screen, or binge watching that latest box set, we are about to make your viewing dreams come true.


by Daniel Sait
Multiroom Audio
Who does not like music? It is the sound track of our lives that enhances our memories and day to day experiences in ways that no other form of entertainment can. Whatever your age or musical taste there has never been a better time to be a music fan, why? Because now you can have all the music you love, all the time, wherever you are in your home.

Music delivery has under-gone a complete revolution since the birth of digital music beginning in the late 1990s. Taking music into the digital realm has freed it from the limitations of physical delivery systems like records and tapes and allowed it to flow into more areas and be enjoyed everywhere and anywhere. What began as a relatively low-quality way of making music portable with products like Apple’s iPod, has evolved into vast libraries of all your favourite music now available in high resolution not just on your hip, but in your home, everywhere in your home.

What is multiroom music?

Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Your music wherever you want it, when you want it. Many different systems are available, you may have heard of Sonos which operates at the entry level of multiroom systems, but there are loads of other options that step things up in terms of performance and versatility. Speakers can be integrated into the fabric of your home in ceilings and walls, so you hardly notice they are there (until they fill your home with music of course), or they can be more obvious when you want to make a design statement via today’s attractive looking speakers which not only fill a home with music but look great too.
Getting to your music has never been easier, today’s systems can gather all of your stored digital music files, whether they are on a computer or your phone, as well as connected to all of today’s online streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal and place them all in the palm of your hand, so whatever you are doing you will have the perfect sound track.
Old school music fans needn’t worry either, vinyl has seen a huge revival in recent times, and those with a big record collection can join the revolution too. There are plenty of ways to connect your turntable to a multiroom system, so you can enjoy the warm sound of vinyl everywhere in the home. Many modern turntables come with a digital connection built right into the hardware.
So, whether it’s party time and you want all the same music in every room in the house, or you just want to listen to some cool sounds while you cook with the family, or its some alone time to rediscover those great albums, your musical dreams can come true. If you need some advice just ask our experts and let’s get the party started!


by Daniel Sait