Achieve Smart Security with Avande and Ajax Systems

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Plenty of security and alarm systems provide insight and warnings for the more obvious security issues such as break-ins, but what about total coverage for the home with a system that protects against a whole array of issues such as fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks and intruders too? At Avande we trust Ajax Systems do all of this and more. 



Attractive units that are easy to retrofit or go in as part of a new build, Ajax genuinely offers something unique in the security market. This innovative maker takes a holistic approach to security providing total peace of mind for developers and homer owners alike, as well as the opportunity to create bespoke solutions for each building and user. Ajax is as flexible as it is effective.

So, what is it that makes Ajax Systems so different? The company has taken a new approach and designed a home and building protection system for the needs of the 21st century. The products are aesthetically attractive, so they do not need to be hidden away, making installation more straight-forward and flexible. On top of this, the system extends beyond the normal functionality of an intruder alarm with a range of advanced detectors that can protect any premises inside and out from a range of dangers and potential damage. Ajax Systems can even notify if a system user needs assistance when away from the property and provide their location too. Using geofencing, the system works with the homeowner to support their lifestyle whether they are a busy rush-around or take a more laid-back approach. The system provides reminders if you forget to activate as you leave and can deliver the ability to activate when away from the home.  At Avande we firmly believe there is no other system on the market that offers so much flexibility, quality of design and functionality.



Ajax Systems: Range details


LEAKS PROTECT: This part of the offering alerts when there are the first signs of moisture, this could be under a bath, shower or hot-tub, in a cellar or under a boiler or washing machine, in fact anywhere the first signs of moisture appear when there is a potential leak hazard. The system gives early warning and prevents from any problem becoming more serious offering the chance for repair before anything major occurs.


FIREP ROTECT PLUS: With its own built in siren, these units have been created to react to smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. Their individual level of sensitivity or what the units react to can be easily adjusted. Ideal for the home, office, garage or an external building, these units provide peace of mind and flexibility.


DOOR PROTECT PLUS: A contact sensor with a difference, this unit can alert the homeowner or building manager when a door or window is attacked through its shock sensor and will notify if entry is gained. However, Ajax goes further as the sensors can also be fitted on windows left open for ventilation such as Velux windows and still allow the system to be armed to protect the site.


MOTION PROTECT OUTDOOR: This is a unit allowing external protection when armed to alert for intruders, however the system is intelligent and will not react to false alarms such as pets or foxes. This unit can be used in conjunction with the Ajax wireless RELAY to turn on lights and other devices to deter unwanted visitors, one of the best ways of preventing a break-in.


BUTTON: This is a simple wireless device that can be programmed to achieve bespoke solutions for the customer such as a panic button or for automated responses such opening gates and turning on external lights whilst opening a garage door for example. For such a simple device, the programable choices here are limitless allowing Avande engineers to create systems appropriate for each project large or small.


Ajax Systems fitted by Avande deliver a faster route to securing a building or business, retrofit or newbuild, the impressive results are the same, talk to us to find out more.  



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Gallo Acoustics’ Sphere of Influence

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At Avande, we love to work in partnership with brands that share the same aims as we do. Working with Gallo Acoustics means we can supply to our clients a speaker brand that values style as highly as impressive sound. The company’s signature spherical designs offer a beautiful and sleek appearance, but also achieve impressive audio performance in one complete package.

Breaking onto the audio scene over 20 years ago, eschewing

the conventional ‘box speaker’ design, the company made an immediate impact with those who were concerned with improving the aesthetics of their space, but also wanted a high-quality audio experience.

Iconic designs such as the Micro loudspeaker (still a huge part of the company’s story today) set the tone for the company’s approach using a unique spherical enclosure which not only looks fantastic, but has the added bonus of eliminating resonance and internal diffraction, which can interfere with the quality of the sound produced.

The beautiful and powerful spherical designs of Gallo Acoustics

Whatever you desire!


Today’s range is all based around the same principles, but we at Avande love the way the company has developed its ability to offer a bespoke offering to suit any style of building or interior.

For example, the Micro A’Diva and Droplet speaker ranges are available in no less than 11 carefully chosen attractive stock colours.

However, the company is always searching for attractive new tones and recently introduced chrome, copper, gold and even 24 carat gold via the LUXE range of colour choices.

The choice just keeps on coming though as, whatever the requirements are in terms of colour scheme, Avande and Gallo Acoustics can meet them as the manufacturer’s Spectrum bespoke colour-matching service delivers any desired colour from the RAL or Pantone libraries, or even a paint code from manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow and Ball or Crown. Just let us know your preferred colour and we can create it. Gallo Acoustics can even reproduce a colour from a swatch of wallpaper or fabric. Aesthetically speaking, the possibilities are endless.

The company is always looking for ways to accommodate different needs and tastes and the recently introduced Droplet speaker is a great example. Again, using the company’s familiar spherical design, these speakers hang from the ceiling and have the appearance of attractive light fittings as much as a speaker. High-quality sound is delivered into any space and comes in a choice of nine cable colours (black, white, red, silver, gold, red/black, bronze, black/white and gunmetal) and we can specify the exact cable length to suit any interior scheme or room size and shape. The Droplet has been a huge success since its introduction and allows Avande to make a design statement with speakers, as well as an audio one.

The Droplet speaker has been a massive success

The full range

The Gallo Acoustics range consists of the Micro, the original high-performance compact speaker, the Micro SE, which delivers an uptick in terms of audio performance and the A'diva Bass Ball, again building on the Micro, but built for those who love their bass.

Also available is the A'diva SE, created for the music and movie lover who craves the ultimate in compact loudspeaker performance and the Droplet, the company’s innovative pendant speaker which hangs from the ceiling.

Also available is the Strada 2, a true Hi-Fi quality loudspeaker that is equally impressive mounted on a wall or a floor stand and the TR-3D, a subwoofer that is a perfect partner for the STRADA 2. Finally, the Profile-Sub is an on-wall subwoofer designed to complement the entire Gallo Acoustics range.

Colour, design, power and poise are delivered by Gallo Acoustics, so for Avande clients that love their audio and their interiors equality, it’s often the perfect choice.


Image credit Odoom Brothers


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Savant’s Genius Handheld Hero

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Here at Avande we maintain a very brand agnostic approach to the world of automation and audio-visual systems. We make sure that we have a wide range of brands and products to choose from ensuring we are able to service exactly the needs of each client and project.

However, this does not mean we do not have strong opinions on products and love to shout about it when we discover a real gem.

This is exactly the case with the Savant Pro Remote X2, a controller designed to work with Savant’s own home automation platform, a system designed to provide a solution for luxury homes and apartments controlling everything from entertainment devices, to security, intelligent lighting, shades and other unities all with a real sense of style, combined with ease of use.



 This latest version of the controller is offered in a sleek and minimalist design. It features a 480 x 800 resolution 3.1in touchscreen, so each user can see exactly what is being controlled and how. Each user is able to personalise the display (or ask their install professional to do it for them) to create and save custom screen layouts for fast and easy access to everything that gets used most around the home. Favourite TV channels, music content or commonly used Savant ‘scenes’ (which deliver the right mood for any occasion, such movie night, dinner party, chill out, or bedtime) can also be accessed fast and without fuss. Adjustments to the customised layout can be made at any time, or an optional PIN protection can also be introduced which stops others from adjusting your settings. As well as the touchscreen, the remote also has elevated, back-lit hard buttons that form part of the control options that come with the device.   



This feature-packed product also includes the option to control a home with voice commands via Siri integration. Voice control is growing in popularity for home automation and Savant’s approach is one of the best - offering reliable and intuitive shortcuts to some of the most commonly accessed entertainment experiences or for jumping to pre-programed Savant scenes.

The Savant automation system has its own beautifully created app, which delivers complete control of everything the system can do.  The Pro Remote X2 dovetails perfectly with the app, by being able to activate the app and display it on any connected TV in the property. From here, using the remote, the app can display security camera footage or Savant’s TrueImage control system, which uses real images of the home and its contents to control every aspect including audio visual systems, lighting and security. 



What’s more, as well as being included with any new Savant system being installed into a new home or via retro-fit, the Pro Remote X2 can be added at a later date to any Savant system without the installer even needing to visit the home. The remote can be delivered to the home pre-programmed and ready to go right out of the box. 

The Savant Pro Remote X2 is not just clever on the outside - users can choose from a range of finishes to suit their taste and the rest of their home. The unit comes in a choice of really attractive finishes including space grey, jet black and rose gold. All the functionality is contained within a sleek aluminium body which comes with a matching sturdy magnetic charging base. 

Designed to be highly ergonomic, the Pro Remote X2 just feels ‘right’ in the palm of your hand, offering just enough that will be familiar, but also new and exciting to make controlling any home a genuinely 21st century experience.  




Pro Remote X2 features 

  • Built-in voice control with Siri integration
  • Large high-resolution touch screen 
  • Control integrated lighting, climate, and security systems
  • Capture and activate Scenes and Service directly from the remote
  • Personalisation by the user so everyone has quick access to their favourite channels and Savant Scenes
  • Multiroom support 
  • Works on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz wireless bands
  • Completely redesigned form factor with an aluminium body, sturdy magnetic base and elevated, back-lit buttons that fit in any room of your home







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Cover the ground with sound!

Ashley Said-Kirton

One of the fastest growing areas in the audio-visual installation world might surprise you. Speaker systems that are specifically designed to enhance enjoyment of exterior spaces including gardens and commercial spaces too are on the rise.

Originally designed for countries that experience ‘good weather’ most of the year, their success in the UK and Northern Europe has been impressive, but understandable when you experience just how good these systems are. 

As summer beckons, the impulse to maximise the value of outside spaces for work, rest and play is blooming, especially when social distancing is keeping people closer to home than normal. So why not improve the quality of your time al fresco with your favourite music? 

A new generation of very discreet and directable outdoor speaker systems gives you great full range sound quality you can control, allowing you to enhance your mood with gentle background music or something a little more dynamic around the barbeque or on the patio. Many of these systems are designed to cleverly direct the sound so it stays in your garden and does not leak into spaces you don’t want it to be.

At Avande Connect we supply the Sonance brand, the world’s original integrated speaker provider. The company has just expanded its award-winning weather-proof outdoor range to offer technically advanced options that blend into gardens large and small. Choose from the new scalable Patio Series for a bijou terrace or cottage garden, or the Garden Series for larger spaces. And for the largest plots, the Landscape Series offers peerless full-range sound quality and smooth coverage that can be enjoyed and appreciated in every part of the garden. Nearer the home, in-wall and on-wall speakers conforming to Military Standard 810G weather proofing are perfect for delivering discreet sound around pool or paved areas. There are also rock-like speakers for hiding in rockeries or heavily planted areas. 

Especially created to withstand anything the weather and environment can throw at them, whilst delivering a quality of sound that is really impressive, exterior speaker systems from Sonance can take your enjoyment of your exterior spaces to a whole new level. Whatever the design challenge, you’ll love the answer from Sonance.

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Retrofit; the fuss free, cost neutral future of the smart home

Ashley Said-Kirton

In an increasingly competitive market, those creating new developments – whether it be an MDU, smaller housing scheme or one-off high-end home – need to find an edge to make them stand out from the crowd. 

One of the increasingly popular options here is to offer buyers a ‘Smart Home’ option where the dwelling is supplied with high-functioning and efficient automation systems that not only save them money, but adjust the environment to their specific needs, making their house more their home. This sector can also deliver high-performance audio-visual experiences such as multi-room music systems or full-blown home cinemas.   
Sounds great, but all of this is going to cost the developer significantly in terms of extra cost on the build as many aspects of the systems need to go in as the building goes up, right?


The Smart Home and AV sector has evolved in recent years so that your customers can experience all of the advantages of an automated and entertainment packed home with no extra cost to the developer, because at Avande we can retrofit all of these systems as people move in or even well after.

Wireless technology has enabled intelligent lighting, environmental control and other automation functionality to be fitted at any point after the main build is complete. The same is true of audio-visual systems that add extra levels of entertainment enjoyment for the homeowner. All of this can be achieved with minimum fuss and disruption to the look of the home. Also, many of today’s systems, control points and AV equipment, are designed not just to be aesthetically neutral, but even enhance the look of a room or home. All of this can be offered to customers as they move in (or at any point afterwards) as an upgrade to their home with absolutely no cost to the building owner or developer. The customer interacts with us directly via our specially created Avande Connect website. 
Here, the customer can browse the different options available to them, bespoke created for your development, and they can find out more by talking to us. Once their order is made, our highly-skilled and experienced team of technicians take care of the installation.

Avande Connect is not just on the cutting edge of Smart Home technology – we combine this with the best, most efficient and cost-effective ways to make this part of your offering to buyers. All of these services are also available to established homeowners on a one-off basis to those who want a disruption-free upgrade to their home.
Want the best of both worlds? Then make the smart choice and call Avande Connect.

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Avande Approved Partner Scheme: The Seal Of Approval

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The Avande Connect Approved Partner Scheme opens up new possibilities for electricians and electrical contractors!

Are you an electrician or electrical contractor focused on the creation of new homes or the renovation of existing ones? Then creating fresh revenue streams and services to offer clients is always going to be of interest. This is particularly true right now as we emerge from lockdown and market and service addition and diversification could add valuable extra leverage in bringing businesses fully back up to speed.

Electrical tools used to connect cables
Needless to say, however, this is far easier said than done; just how do you find new services to offer and acquire the knowledge and resources to deliver them and keep your business ticking over at the same time?
The Avande Approved Partner Scheme offers a ready-made platform so electricians and electrical contractors can offer the creation of ‘smart-homes’ (the fastest growing sector in the market) to customers and end-users.
Avande has an enviable and long track record of delivering in this market; creating designs and offering the installation services to create intelligent lighting, smart heating systems, leak protection, smart security and CCTV, networking and Wi-Fi systems as well as exciting multi-room audio visual experiences and even home cinemas.

Lutron smart lighting control equipment, Avande offer training for this system in the approved partner scheme
Avande has delivered a wide range of one-off developments and large MDU projects all over the capital and the South East of the UK, gaining the knowledge of how to succeed in this sector. The good news is that we are now offering this valuable insight to other companies via the Approved Partner Scheme, delivering the chance tap into our wealth of expertise and knowledge so you can deliver these services too.

How do I become an Approved Partner?

There is no test or exam required, you just have to be a qualified electrician or electrical contractor working in the UK residential sector.

The benefits of being part of the scheme include expert training delivered by our experienced team to help get you started. The scheme offers courses covering every aspect of the smart home sector, so whatever type of system you want to focus on, we have a training solution for you. Many of these courses are also completely free of charge – talk to us and we will help you identify the right sectors for you to target that match your skills and customer group.

Each course tackles a different aspect of the sector and provides the market and technical knowledge to begin offering smart home systems to your customers. Gaining the confidence to begin offering these systems is key. As an electrician, you will already have many of the skills needed, in many cases. With our help, just the application of some new knowledge and access to the right brands will enable you to take the first steps to increased revenue and a wider business portfolio.   

Being part of the scheme also means you have access to training from experts that specialise in business management and achieving greater success for yourself and your company. Courses and training delivered by our Avande Connect business and well-being expert network covers branding, advertising, leadership, marketing, business and many other useful subjects.

Smart homes are a growth area

To identify and offer the right products to your customers, our Approved partners get access to our online e-commerce smart home store which is populated with all the products and brands we have identified as the market leaders to make sure you are offering the right products and functionality for each project.

The feature-packed scheme also delivers access to our design team. We can help with your equipment racks, circuit schedules, panel layouts and even whole home cinema rooms, all branded with your logos for presentation to your customer. We also offer access to unique software that will assist you to design and specify your own projects. There are also opportunities to assist Avande in delivering our own projects UK wide. The opportunities and advantages really are endless with this carefully created Approved Partner Scheme.

Smart Home, enhance your home with smart technology

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Basalte: Beautifully simple control

Ashley Said-Kirton
Here at Avande, we only work with brands that are able to offer intuitive operation, combined with strong aesthetics.


Basalte offers a family of automation and audio-visual products that combine easy to access control, in addition to the most attractive touchscreens in the market.


The company pours huge resources into creating tactile and beautiful control points; they look so good, you can't help but want to touch them and interact with them.


Technically, their reliability is second to none, and all the ranges use the KNX automation system as a backbone –  the most popular building control system across Europe. KNX delivers the reliability and ease of install that allows Avande to offer Basalte as a ‘day one’ proposition – already installed and ready to deliver 21st century control as homeowners move in, or as a retrofit at any point in the building’s life.


Architects and interior designers around the globe rely on Basalte to offer the control options homeowners require in harmony with their vision for the building’s design.


High end apartment with lighting control technology

Basalte wall-mounted touchpads match any home beautifully

The Basalte family

The well-established Belgium-based manufacturer has won over 35 international design awards, and offers homeowners the chance to control their lighting, heating, window treatments, security or music and other audio-visual experiences all from stunning wall-mounted control points, or via the company’s own app for use with smart devices.  


Among the highlights from Basalte’s range that the Avande team feel are particularly strong include the recently-developed Fibonacci keypad, named so as it follows the golden ratio of the Fibonacci sequence in its design. Fibonacci is available with four or two touch surfaces, and the surface underneath can be backlit engraved in-between the upper and lower buttons.

Also included inside is a proximity sensor which means the control point gently brings the backlight into play as someone approaches, getting the control point ready to perform whatever function the user requires. The backlit words or symbols can be changed at any point in the product’s life.

Smart Lighting switch with LED display

Fibonacci is a brand new controller from Basalte


Fibonacci has multi-touch and scene sequencer functionality, offering quick access to pre-programed scenes created by our programmers – which prepare a room for whatever the intended use: welcome home, movie night, dinner party or chill out time can all be pre-programed into the KNX-based system.


Like many of the company’s products, there is also a built-in heat sensor to assist in the accurate control of HVAC and heating systems. True to the brand’s commitment to versatility, Fibonacci comes in a wide range of colours, and fits in various types of wall boxes.

Sentido is a very popular product from the Basalte family, which delivers a touch-sensitive switch divided into two or four equal surfaces – each with its own programable functionalities. The entire surface of Sentido is touch-sensitive, creating a truly innovative and unique user experience for every home, once Avande’s expert programming team have completed the installation.

Lights, shades and room scenes can all be activated and controlled even at the slightest touch. Also attractively backlit like its Fibonacci cousin, complete control of the whole home is just a touch away. Like

much of the Basalte family, Sentido comes in a huge choice of finishes and colours, so any interior style can be matched perfectly.

Whether a home requires simple and intuitive control over its utilities, or a more all-encompassing whole home automation system, Basalte and Avande combined offer beautifully simple solutions to deliver whatever is needed.

Smart lighting control keypad mounted on a polished plaster wall with green LED backlight

Huge choices in finishes and colour are available with designs such as the Sentido

Beautiful brass smart lighting control switch

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Developers Offering Smart Home Technology For Free

Ashley Said-Kirton

Include smart technology into projects at zero cost!

Most developers and builders will have heard of smart home technology – systems that add extra enjoyment, functionality and efficiency to new build homes or as a retro fit to existing properties.

What you may not know is that this exciting 21st century technology can be added at no cost to the developer. Avande Connect explains how.

Smart home technology has been growing in awareness within the general population steadily over the last decade. The smart home market has actually been around for considerably longer than that, in the main servicing luxury builds with home automation and high-end audio-visual experiences for one-off homes or larger developments. However, with a growing retail market for ‘smart’ products and a more mature professional installation market led by companies such as Avande, market penetration is increasing as more potential home buyers demand and expect this type of technology across a wider scope of builds and property types.

Large central London apartment block with smart home technology

In much the same way as any new type of functionality that home buyers come to expect, such as a fitted kitchen, the issue for developers has always been one of cost. How do you create a market advantage for your project, but still control costs and turn a healthy profit? Well, Avande Connect has developed the answer with our unique marketing, sales and partnership model.

Smart home technology controlling TV

How does it work? 

We provide a complete white-glove installation and maintenance service for any developer who wishes to include smart home or audio-visual experiences in their project by dealing direct with the consumer. In our model, the homeowner bares all the cost for the systems that are fitted. Our online approach means each developer partner who signs up to the programme is provided with a dedicated portal for their project where homeowners, either just before they move in or afterwards, can log-on and choose the smart products or audio visual experiences they want. They deal direct with us for everything, including billing. So as a developer, you get to provide the latest 21st century homes, at absolutely no cost or extra effort on your part.

Our highly experienced team of technology experts can fit automated and intelligent lighting, heating, window treatments, security and remote monitoring functionality for when the homeowner is away. For music and movie fans, we can create wonderful audio-visual experiences such as multi-room music systems, home cinemas and high-quality listening systems immersing the homeowner in a world of controllable, on-demand entertainment.

Get in touch and find out how you can deliver the homes of tomorrow, today and for zero cost with Avande Connect.

 Smart Home touch screen controlling lighting, heating, environment, curtains and music

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The Corniche: 21st Century Living In The Heart Of London

Ashley Said-Kirton

Situated in one of the most culturally rich and most historic areas of London with the Tate Modern and Globe Theatre close by, this stunning apartment development commands views over London taking in Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

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Lithe Audio: Flexible, High-Quality 21st Century Audio

Ashley Said-Kirton
Founded by experienced product designers with the knowledge of how to take a product from concept to a fully formed attractive and high-functioning design, Lithe Audio holds a unique place in the integrated audio category. The manufacturer marries high-performance sound, with the convenience of products that integrate fully into a home during a build or renovation phase, or even retrofitted at any point in a home’s life. Lithe Audio has also delivered clever ways to get music from a smart device (the most common place stored content and streaming is accessed from) onto its speaker designs.
Available for supply, specification and installation by Avande, Lithe Audio fits perfectly into our product portfolio as we emphasise ease of use and high-performance.   

 Bedroom fitted with in ceiling Speakers

One of the maker’s most popular products is Lithe Audio’s Bluetooth enabled in-ceiling speaker. This featured packed design offers integrated installation into a home (cleverly using the lighting circuitry for power so there is no need to run extra cables), on-board amplification (again, no extra cables or kit is needed) and Bluetooth connectivity with smart devices and phones.
The speaker uses the latest rock-solid Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has a range of 30m from the device supplying the signal. The speaker also supports an Aptx Low latency protocol for seamless wireless syncing with TV audio. For music, all a user has to do is select what source they want from any of the popular streaming services they are signed up to, or use content stored directly on the device, and the speaker bursts into life filling the space with high-quality audio.

 In ceiling speaker with grill. this speaker is able to be retrofitted and doesnt need speaker cables


 In ceiling speaker controlled with wireless app, streaming music

Lithe Audio also has a speaker based around a similar design, but this time using Wi-Fi connectivity to make the connection between the music and the speaker. The products and the features for both are controlled via a fully featured app for android or Apple with control and installation features built in. Users can access Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner all within the app.

The speakers can be used as single units for smaller areas – bathrooms, for example (there is a dedicated bathroom model) – and they can be used in stereo pairs for more impact in larger spaces. They can also be used as part of a full surround sound system for a home cinema experience. In fact, the Wi-Fi version can deliver up to 30 speakers in a single home, making it a great choice if you want audio everywhere.

 House party with people enjoying music

A true innovator, Lithe Audio also provides drivers so the products will work with popular home automation systems such as RTI, Control4 and Loxone. The products will also integrate with Alexa and Google Home.

The huge amount of installation and use case versatility means Lithe Audio is a regular for Avande, particularly in our retro-fit packages.

Never one to stand still, there is lots more innovation on the way as this audio pioneer adds more functionality and some new products – but as of right now, if you want great sounding audio for music or AV experiences that fit discreetly into a home and connect with the way content is enjoyed today, just think of Lithe Audio and Avande.

If you want to find out more about specifying Lithe Audio into your next project, drop us a line at

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