Let Us Light Your Way!

Let Us Light Your Way!

Ashley Said-Kirton

Automated and intelligent lighting systems help make a house, your home.

Lighting is one of the most powerful ways to create a welcoming atmosphere, save energy, add to the design sophistication of your home, add security and promote wellbeing for the whole family.
These systems can fill a home with easily controllable, stylish lighting which can change moods for every occasion, even changing colour to add a touch of drama when needed.
Intelligent lighting systems adapt themselves to your family, helping to save energy, but also generate the best environment for your home - making sure just the right amount and the right kind of light is provided for each area and time of day.
Today’s systems can also control the amount of sunlight coming into a home with automated blinds and curtains which work in harmony with the lights.
What’s more, automated lighting platforms can easily be retrofitted into existing homes, so you can have all this cutting-edge technology with minimum fuss and maximum benefit.
We have selected from the best systems and manufacturers around to give you a choice that is sure to fit in with your needs and desires. From compact apartments, to larger homes and houses, we can deliver an experience that will transform your idea of what a home can look and feel like.
Brands such as Lutron, Crestron, MiHome and Wondrwall, will change not just your home, but your life.

Living room with Control 4 on TV screen

What are the benefits to your home?

Sam Woodward, who is Customer Education Leader, Europe and Africa at luxury automated lighting manufacturer, Lutron, explains, “Thanks to advancements in technology, end users are becoming accustomed to a new level of control and reliability in their homes. Smartphone and tablet apps provide complete control of this technology with the touch of a button. For example, when you’re away from home and want to shut off your lights and close your blinds, using an app, you can hit ‘All Off’ to turn off all lights and close every blind. Not only is this incredibly simple, but you can do it remotely, so homeowners have complete control from anywhere in the world.”
Sam explains, “In addition, you can schedule lighting control to fit your needs, adjusting lights and blinds automatically at certain times of day. We also have systems that track sunrise and sunset based on location, so that lights turn on or off at the right time every day and can be dimmed appropriately. In the mornings, lights are at a soft level, with slightly raised blinds; at sunset, the blinds close and lights adjust to your preferences.
“Indeed, new technology brings an additional level of security, energy efficiency and personalisation to the homeowner. Lighting control systems now come with a range of scenes to match the setting, all of which can be adapted depending on the homeowner’s preferences. Meanwhile, features such as 'Smart Away' randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when the home is unoccupied.
“This technology is now within reach for a wider variety of homes. Reliable wireless systems such as Lutron’s RA2 Select make it even simpler, faster, less disruptive and more economical to bring the benefits of automated lighting to residences.”

Hallway with ambient lighting


Setting The Scene

So, in a little more detail, one of the most impactful abilities of modern lighting systems is the choice to set a scene to suit whatever you are up to. This functionality adds real personality to a home and brings the desired atmosphere to any occasion, whether it is hosting friends for dinner, creating drama for movie night or just focal lighting.
Being able to control scenes also benefits your electricity bill as you can have timers set which automatically switch off the lights within given parameters. Then there is the option of motion sensors, which are a great way to have light in the right place at the right time. Ultimately, scene setting gives you options to differentiate your home according to the mood you are in, the activities you have planned, or just simply the way you are feeling.
It adds flexibility and personalisation to the home in a way that was just not possible before. All this intuitive control is delivered either into the palm of your hand via smart devices you already own, or sophisticated and attractive wall mounted control interfaces. Even voice control can be added if you desire.

Staircase and bathroom with coloured lighting

Energy Saving, Security and Remote Control

Being able to control lighting from a single interface, setting up sensors and timers (useful for when you leave home), combining lighting to other elements of your home (heating or shading, for example), means your home can become super-efficient and save you energy and, in the long-term, money too.
Linking security sensors to the lighting is very effective in deterring unwelcome guests from even thinking about approaching your property. Automated scene settings can help mimic your activity if you are away, convincing the rest of the world you are really there, which is another big security benefit.
With some of the most advanced systems, you can ‘dial in’ at any time to turn lights on or off, adding another level of convenience and often security, whenever you feel the need.
You need light in your home, so help us transform what can be a basic utility, to a sophisticated, attractive, automated, mood enhancing delight, that will transform the way to see light forever.


by Daniel Sait